Why is this site in English?

The campus in Herning recieves a lot of international students every year and therefore most freshmen activities will be conducted in English.

We expect that our Danish students is able to read the information written in English. ;-)

What is HERUS and what is SAA?

SAA, also known as The Student Activity Association, is a student organisation that does different activities around campus throughout the semester as well as the governing body of both the Friday Bar and HERUS

HERUS is part SAA and is in charge of all activities regarding both the Freshmen Day and the RUS Festival.

The name HERUS is a contraction of "HERNING RUS". The word RUS is an old danish word for being intoxicated. Even though you do not have to drink, to participate in the activities, the word RUS have traditionally been used for the activities in the begenning of each year at a university in Denmark.

When is the last day to buy a ticket?

The ticket sales for the Freshmen Day ends August 27th at 17.00. (Thursday)

Should I be concerned of COVID-19?

We are working closely with both the university as well as the police and will follow the guidelines available at the time of the activities. There will be hand sanitiser available at each activity and near the food.

During the Freshmen Day, you will be divided into the same groups, as you have been in, the previous 4 days (Monday - Thursday). It is to prevent infection between the groups and students.

What does my money go towards?

Both SAA and HERUS are non-profit organisations working for the students. The money that HERUS gets from selling tickets, goes directly into food, music, venue, artists, activities etc. for the Freshmen Day.

How do I join the awesome crew of HERUS??

At some point in the following semester, we will look for new candidates willing to organize next years Freshmen Day and Freshmen Trip (rustur). As mentioned, HERUS is an almost-independent part of SAA, and our primary goal is to organize the events in the introduction period. HERUS consist of approximately 30 members, and everyone of us are students at AU Herning.

More informations will follow in the beginning of the semester...

What should I consider when moving to Herning?

Great question! If you are looking for an apartment in Herning or near campus in Birk, don't hesitate contacting our partner Jacobsen Group, which is a major housing company located in Herning.

Visit their website www.jacobsengroup.dk, and get youself a trustworthy and reliable landlord, while living in Herning.

What happened to the other event, Rus Festival?

Rus Festival was cancelled in the last moment due to the recent increase in number of infected people. Even though, we would love to enjoy the festival with you, AU and HERUS have together with the authorities agreed not to conduct the event, to prevent any new outbreak of COVID-19.

The management and volunteers at HERUS are just as sad as you, but at the same time, we know it is the right decision to not host the party.

Other questions?

Send an email to hello@herus.dk and we will get back to you quickly. You can write to us in both English and Danish.

Please put your phone number in the mail, if the query is urgent.